Saturday, August 26, 2006

Do I Hear a Bell Ringing in Heaven?

Tiger is a good golfer, even me, a tried and true Mickelson fan, has to admit that. But lately, I think he has been getting a little help from the gods, or maybe from one of heaven's newest angels ... his father?

Did you see the PGA last week when one of his balls was headed way over the mark and a "fan" knocked it back into play? Of course, he won by a landslide, but still!

And then there's Firestone! Yesterday he hit 9-iron that jumped out of a clump of grass and was headed toward the flag until it kept going - and going - all the way over the grandstand, off the cement path, over fans drinking beer in the balcony and onto the roof. (Reminds me of the Michael Jordan - Larry Bird commercials!) Then get this - it rolls off, hits the cart of a caterer and he picks it up and drives off with it! ROFL! I can't believe this. And neither could half the field. Somehow the ball manages to NOT be out of bounds, Tiger gets a free drop, makes a bogey and still ends the day in the lead.

I think Eldrick, Sr. just got his wings!

(On a side note: I am really going to miss Davis Love at this year's Ryder Cup. I have been following golf since 1995 and this is his first miss since 1993. What is the world coming to?)

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