Monday, August 07, 2006

A Good Day for a White Squirrel

Today started out pretty well. I met with Donna Stout at the White Squirrel and she agreed to do 13 weeks in the new TNW beginning 9/13. She also had picked up a copy of Mountain Traditions and was impressed enough with it that she decided to advertise in the Fall Edition.

I also met with Blair at Lilly T's. Such a nice lady with a South Carolina accent. Her shop is really nice though not in my size ... maybe I will be able to buy something in there a year from now.

I am planning to attend Weight Watchers with a gang from work this Wednesday. I hope it is something I will be able to do well at. I keep remembering 5 years ago on August 22 (a Wednesday) that I took the first step towards losing 40 pounds. We had just gotten back from the PGA Championship in Atlanta where we had volunteered. I was wore out from carrying about 75 too many pounds. Well that 40 came back during my unemployment following High Vista layoff and it has now grown another 25 pounds. I will need to lose 100 pounds to get to a goal weight that I am sure will be in the 150's (a weight I don't really ever remember seeing.) It is frightening to think of having to change everything about my life - adding exercise and not eating as much of Frank's good cooking, but I know it is something I have to do. I am trying to come up with a reward system for my self that will keep me motivated.

Maybe a new piece of clothing or shoes (or maybe scrapbooking stuff, who knows) for every 10 pounds I lose. That would give me 10 rewards. Maybe I will map it out so they gain in their value with each 10. I will think about that. After all, we know what motivates me - PRIZES - competition - be it with others or with myself.

Here I am going to post my BEFORE Picture - Maybe looking at it will continue to provide motivation as well. Here I am with Frank and my famous overalls. Hopefully these will be too big too wear and I can buy some new ones by next summer's July 4th Party.

I am really proud of Frank. He quit smoking last year and has been quit for quite some time now. He put on a few pounds following that life changing decision but now he has been walking and really trying to watch his calorie and fat intake and has lost about 15 pounds over the last 6 weeks. I hope to have the energy to join him on his walks very soon. I know that all the things we like to do, scuba, traveling, riding the motorcycle, etc., will be much easier and more comfortable if we can both continue to exercise and watch our weight.


Anonymous said...

I am proud of you! And Frank--way to go on the 15 pounds!!

Paula Roberts said...