Saturday, August 12, 2006

License to Drive ... all the way to Dad's

The LICENSE - Blurred of course, nobody needs to know the details. But hopefully this is PROOF that somebody out there thinks ZACK can DRIVE! Congratulations! Now be careful!

Zachary got his driver's license on August 7 and three days later made his way all the way to Dad's without any adults in the car ... well unless you include Ashley. Zack's car is the Thunderbird left by his older step brother, Nathan. He has been working on it for weeks to get it ready to drive on his big day. He said he still needed to replace the power steering hose and Dad suggested power steering fluid could be bought at the new Fred's on 25 North. Undoubtedly this is one of Dad's new favorites (not as high on his list as Big Lots though), he says most things like that are only a $1! Dad also offered Zack some advice about drinking and driving - he said, "Don't ever even start drinking, then you never have to worry about it!"

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