Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good Morning!

This morning, Frank & I were listening to NPR and we heard a cool little story about a man in Georgia who won the lottery. First, he found out he lost his job because the plant he worked at was closing, then he went into the gas station, paid for his gas, bought a lottery ticket, the lottery ticket was a winner, $225,000 I think. He was so excited that he drove off without getting the gas he had already paid for! Anyway, I thought it was cute and so nice to hear something good happen to someone after they lose their job!

So far, the weekend has passed pretty slowly, which is nice for a change. Yesterday, we all celebrated Helen's birthday at the new Carrabas in South Asheville. I had the Trout Wulfe and garlic mashed potatoes! Delicious. Helen was very excited about the new laptop she got from Art. She is very new to the computer so it should be exciting to hear about her progress. I remember when my mom first started on the computer. It was a good way for us to spend time together and talk on the phone. I couldn't always help her, but most of the time she figured it out anyway. Now she is a pro, she emails, attaches, and prints pictures, she makes beautiful cards for family and church members, and she keeps up with addresses using Word and Merge commands for Sunday School. A wiz, I tell you! I am proud of her for learning something so new!

Well, today is grocery day, so I better get running. Hope you enjoy today's scrapbook page. It is from Joanna & Ethan's wedding. I am doing an album for them, so that maybe the subject of a few pages for your viewing. TFL!

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