Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I made it over the 30 pound mark! Yeah! This week I lost 1.4 pounds and it put me at a total of 30.8. I feel really good about it. I have gone "shopping in my closet" a couple of times now and I am wearing things I bought 5 years ago while working at High Vista. I even wore paints with a sweater TUCKED in! LOL! Not even used to having a waist again, much less wearing a belt. I have got to keep going though, I have 70 pounds to go! Whew, it seems like a lot, but so did 30, so I have hope! I do realize it will be a lifelong process, but that is okay. It's not just about clothes fitting, it is also about being healthy and that has become very important me. In eleven days I will be 40 and hopefully in another 11 days or so I will have lost 40!

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