Sunday, November 19, 2006

Amanda at Pier One; Amy learning to Waitress

Amanda is grateful to no longer smell like barbecue sauce, while Amy is happy to be earning a bit more money each week as a waitress at the shack. Both of the girls are growing up so fast. Amanda and Atley have been dating now since the spring and Amy and Brandon are going pretty strong, too. Brandon is a cutie, believe it or not, he is taller than Amy. She likes it because she is a shoe hog and with him, she can still wear her heels! He is a really nice boy. And Atley, well if you have ever met him chances are you have had at least one laugh! He keeps us laughing when he is around, although that isn't as much as it used to be - I think Amanda has adopted Dee's as her second home. Amanda is also going to BRCC and has almost finished her first semester. She has already signed up for her second one. She is really good in Spanish and tells me that when she gets to WCU she wants to minor in it. I think that is very smart in this ever growing MexAmerica!

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