Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Then & Now

Art just sent me this picture of Frank's grandparents, Frank, Sr. & Hazel. It put a really big smile on Frank's face. He said this was the one who made sure that he was always fed and taken care of and that she taught him all his manners and it was obvious how much he loved her. Personally, I think she spoiled him rotten, but I am glad he had someone so special to look after him. The picture is from 1976, the last year Frank lived in Miami.

Guess who is frying turkeys? Yep, that's Frank in his chef's coat, dropping in the first of four birds (3 turkeys and one duck) today. One turkey is for tomorrow when we get to celebrate Thanksgiving again at Tiffany's; one is for our freezer; and I am not sure what the third one is for. The duck is for me - my birthday dinner on Sunday! Someone told me when 40 comes at you to duck, so I am going to!

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