Wednesday, December 20, 2006

O! (Well, Sort of)

Only 2 more days 'til we start to celebrate! Can't wait! (BTW, I have not cheated on any presents this year .... so far!) Wish it would snow like in that picture up there! Those are my three happy kids in the snow in Maplewood-I think it was 94 or 95. That is Frank and his dad in Balsam Grove in the mid 70's. It sure seems like a long time since we had a good snowfall! Let's all keep our fingers crossed! (Side note: Frank just saw those two pictures together and bust out laughing! He called the snowman my kids built a "SNOWSHROOM" ~ he said, "Look at 'em standing behind it so proud!" I told him snow was made different in the "old days" when he built his, that 20 years later the snow is smaller just like computers, laptops, and tv's. It's called Technology! Okay, it's really called the difference between him having a Dad with a shovel and my kids having a Mom with camera!)

So I must confess it took two weigh-ins in one hour to get me to "0" weight loss and "0" weight gain today. Confused? Well, I usually weigh in around noon and I don't usually have a lot to drink beforehand, however, today I was extremely thirsty and about 11 am I gave in and drank a 20 oz. bottle of water. When I went to weigh in, I was .2 on the plus side - which I just didn't want to see, so I waited and waited and listened patiently through the meeting. Most of the time, I was thinking, "I wonder if she will let me go to the potty and weigh me again?!" So after Miss Julia was through, I went to the potty and then asked to be weighed again, and GUESS WHAT? Drink 20 ounces of water an hour before you weigh in DOES make a difference. She weighed me again and I was at the same weight as last week!

So, tell me, should I go with that? I think so, it is more positive for me and afterall, a lot of my weightloss as been a big mind game already! So I will stick with my zero! I called Mom and told her and then I told Frank the whole story, so I guess as long as I am being honest with all my encouragers then it's all good! This past week was hard for me for a couple of reasons 1) I'm a girl! Sometimes that's all you have to say. I craved salty and sweet all week long. 2) I gave in to eating some of the most delicious cake I have ever had: Lynelle's wedding cake - a very little bit of chocolate (thank goodness, Amanda & Frank polished it off to quickly for me to eat more than one very small bite) and more than I should of the white with white icing (this plain ole' vanilla girl's favorite). The white had strawberry jam between the layers and it was out of this world. Pastries, Etc. in Arden made them both and let me tell you, if you ever need cake, they are the people to call! Needless to say, I was glad when Matter came down the stairs and took it away from me to finish. YIKES-WHITE WEDDING CAKE WITH STRAWBERRIES? Big TRIGGER FOOD for Paula.

Good thing the cake is gone and all the celebrating for the year is finally over .... NOT! Check back next week and see how I survived!

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Angie said...

I think "0" is AWESOME!!!! I think that you have done a terrific job of consistently dropping weight each week and to be "0" the week of Christmas is AMAZING!!!! If your house is like ours, there if food, sweets and chocolate EVERYWHERE! and I can't pass it up. So you get an "A" for effort and discipline! Congratulations, once again!
love ya!