Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ra pum pum pum

My Little Drummer Boy! Isn't this a cute picture? EVERY DAY, Frank listens to his Christmas music. He loves that stuff! He says his favorite song is "The Little Drummer Boy," so that's what I named him in this little picture. I came home today and the television was on the SIRIUS Christmas tunes channel and playing full blast! And it's like that every day he has off. He also listens to it on the radio non-stop from Thanksgiving on. It's obvious he never worked retail or he probably wouldn't be so taken with it. AND GET THIS ... AMANDA FEELS THE SAME WAY! She is actually the one who gets him started every year. This year she came home in the first week in November saying they were playing random Christmas songs on MY 102.5. And there it started. It really is kind of cute. I am sure they both know the words to every song playing. Next time you see either of them, hum a line, I am sure they'll join right in! Ra pum pum pum!

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