Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'm getting closer! Today at weigh-in I had lost 1.4 more over the last week. That puts me at 44.6 - keep those fingers crossed for next week. If I lose that .4 more I will be at 45 pounds lost, I will have lost 10% of my weight for the second time since August and I will enter that long forgotten place - ONEDERLAND! That's a place I haven't seen since 2002. I still have further to go than I have come but I realize that I have three things in my favor: 1) WW - great plan, fairly easy to follow, doesn't make me hungry all the time 2) Determination - I really am determined to do this and some days I even surprise myself by I much resolve I have 3) Pride - not the bad kind, but the self-esteem good kind - the kind that actually allows me to say to myself, "You are doing great. Be proud of yourself!" Not something I have always been able to acknowledge, but this thing I am doing, it is a good thing and I think recognizing it is a major step.

The layout above is kind of wild and carefree - just like my little 5 year old Amy was! Hope you enjoy this little turn back of the clock - 1994. Isn't the cake gorgeous? My sister made it

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Angie said...

It seems like everytime I try to comment on your blog, it locks my computer up--so hopefully this will work.

I love all of your layouts, especially of Amy and Amanda on the front porch with their pink t-shirts. It's always been one of my favorite pictures of them!

Also, can't believe Matthew is 15!! Isn't it nice that they get old and we get younger!?!?

Congrats ONCE AGAIN on the weight loss! You are doing great! We're pulling for you on that .4 for next week!