Thursday, January 11, 2007


So, I weighed on Wednesday and I had lost another .4! Not a whole lot, but still better than nothing! It was a really good meeting today - talking about ways to go out to eat and enjoy it. Helen was there, too, and she had a good idea I hadn't thought of: since the portions are so large at most restaurants these days - get a "to go" box first! Just go ahead and divide the meal in half and eat part there and take home the other half! Great idea. I always feel guilty leaving it on the plate or I pick at it even after I am full until all of a sudden I look down and I have picked at it until it's gone!

Julia told the funniest story - I wish I had her picture with it. Seems she and her family ordered chinese takeout the other night and they all got their normal orders, but she ordered hers with no oils and they steamed it for her. Well, when they went to pick up their food all the styrofoam boxes were labeled with what was in them and guess what her's said? GOOD! Can you believe it? It was hilarious. She was so proud of what they had written that she washed out the container and brought it to show to us today. I so should have pictured phoned her!

Well, it's late or early one, not sure, just couldn't sleep, so here I am scrapping and blogging and wondering how bad I will feel when it is actually time to get up. Well, guess I'll try to get a bit of shut eye before the alarm goes off. Nighty nite.

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