Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WooHoo! 2.4

That's right, today was WW and I lost 2.4 bringing my total to 47! Yeah! So glad I was able to make my mini goal of 45 by January's end. So I guess now it is time to set a February goal - think I will go with another 5 pound goal. That seems to be realistic, although I would love to lose 7 again!So, do you think it is going to snow tomorrow? The weathermen are so sure about it - I'm hoping they don't jinx it. And I am hoping it will be cleared up so we can go to the circus - there are 16 of us planning to go see "Bellobration" on Friday.

I did the page above over the weekend, one of 23 that I did for an online crop. I like doing them because it forces me to go back through my pictures and scrap layouts that I might have forgotten I need to do. This is a great example, the pictures were taken at Zack's 16th birthday party ... in July!

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