Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Race to Finish

Today, I have been trying to work on Joanna's wedding album. I was able to do 6 pages for her album and one for Lynelle's album. The one above is one of my favorites because I LOVE it when Frank laughs out loud - his laugh makes me laugh so I called the layout LOL!

I also did these that include Ethan's side of the family: His dad, Knox; mom, Sherri; brother, Seth; sister-in-law, Jenny; grandparents, David & Evangeline; and his Aunt Denise.

Special "Thanks" to Ethan's mom, Sherri, for these photos for me to scrap:
Harmony fulfilling her duties as flower girl ~
And here is another of my favorites - I love the look Joanna has on her face as she "eyes" Ethan standing in the foreground:

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