Saturday, February 24, 2007

Next stop, Wake Forest

West won again! Woohoo! They beat Owen High tonight at Erwin, the score was 85-64 and Matthew got to play! Sure, okay, it was the last 30 seconds and they were ahead by 21, but the coach got Matthew and Colby into the game - so cool! Matthew said all the guys on the team were hollering at him to, "SHOOT THE BALL!" So he shot a 3 pointer and it bounced of the goal! Hey that counts as an attempt ... in a varsity game ... a varsity Sectional Finals Game! Do I sound proud? Sorry, guess I am kind of proud, but in the way a Mom should be - just thrilled that Matthew is so happy and so dedicated. This week he has gone to basketball practice for 2 hours and then to baseball practice for another two hours. Tomorrow he will practice baseball at 10 am, then scrimmage with the JV baseball team sometime in the afternoon. Next week, Coach Bliss is going to try and get them some court practice time at Clemson or WCU so they can see what it's like to play on a college court since they will be playing in Winston-Salem at Wake Forest University on Thursday night! Woohoo! It is awesome that he is getting to experience this - just like when Amy and Zack got to go to State with the swim team. The boy's swim team brought back the state championship when Amy was a junior and she still remembers how cool it was to be a part of all that excitement! So keep your fingers crossed and maybe they will get to play a few more games!


Angie/Brett said...

congratulations Matthew!!!!!!

He looks so professional in the pictures on the blog! You should be proud of him! Does Billy have a blog site? I can't imagine how proud HE must be!!

Good luck next Thursday!

Tamara said...

Congrats Matthew!! And yes Paula, you should be proud Mamma! Maybe those pants are bringing the whole team good luck.

Paula Roberts said...

Tamara - Funny about the pants, I told him the same thing!

Angie - Funny about Billy having a blog. That's like asking if he knows how to set the clock on the VCR! I bet I won't hear anything funnier all day! Still laughing out loud!

But yes, we are a bit proud!