Wednesday, March 07, 2007

.6 (unfortunately that's a +.6) but I deserve it

Well, if you ever wondered if you could eat 22 Shortbread Girl Scout Cookies in one weekend and still lose weight, you can stop wondering. (I know that is something you have always questioned, right?) This past week I have had the munchies really, really bad. It started on Thursday evening when I just HAD to have these little chicken wings (including the Hidden Valley Ranch) and it didn't stop until Frank had gone back to work at 6 am on Monday morning. It didn't help that he was here cooking up delicious seared tuna filet, tasty prime rib sandwiches, and a huge vegetable omelet with bacon~told you I deserved it! I guess it's a good thing I did some exercise, too! I actually used all 35 extra points for the first time ever - and I think I may have actually used another 10-15. But, all things said, maybe I needed a small binge and that little plus sign to motivate me for the next 49 pounds I have to lose. Either way, I can still say I have lost 51 pounds, and yes, Mom, Helen, & Tamara, that is SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF! I am!

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Anonymous said...

i think its a great accomplishment. we will have to go shopping to find you some clothes that fit you better now.

love you