Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Do You Watch Dancing with the Stars?

Do you watch that show Dancing with the Stars? I don't get to because Frank thinks it is so silly - along with every other "reality~who's going to win" type show. I pretty much agree, but I was smitten with Emmitt Smith (having always been a Cowboys fan) during last season's shows. This time they have one of my favorites from the early 90's, Ian Ziering. He's the one with the adorable smile and the curly blond hair from Beverly Hills 90210. That was one of my all time favorite shows. I watched every episode and while most girls thought Dylan and Brandon were the hotties, I had a soft spot for Steve! Of course, I was way married with 2 little girls, but I still thought he was the cutest guy on TV. So now, I am begging all of you that get to watch to please let me know how he is doing!

The page posted is Nick and Courtney before the Valentine's Day Dance at West. I cut all those little hearts and paisleys out of the printed paper and then doodled all around them. Thanks for looking!

Cross your fingers for me - tomorrow is weigh-in day and I really want to hit my mini-goal of 5 pounds for this month, 55 total. Wishing...hoping...praying! I've been good and I've added more walking this week. I walked 2 miles on Sunday, 1.5 miles yesterday, and a mile today. My legs are killing me!

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