Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pollen, Yuzu & Goldfish in Atlanta

Yesterday we had a great day getting to Atlanta. The weather was a bit chillier than expected and I had to change from shorts to jeans to stay warm, but the traffic wasn't nearly as bad as I expected for a city hosting the NCAA Final Four. The traffic we have seen is all green! Almost every car native to Atlanta is covered in green pollen! It's amazing how much is on them, they look like they are covered in dirt!

We're staying at the Hilton Garden Inn ~ it's a really nice 7 floor hotel off 285. We got it through for only $42! It's really nice and has an indoor pool and jacuzzi, which we just got back from. Frank can't believe I got up at 7 am on a Saturday (I really can't either)! But I was in the mood for a swim. It was nice. Now were back in the room and he's eating cold pizza left over from a late night dinner in the room. I am, of course, updating my blog using the hotel's free wireless internet. Isn't technology great?

Something else that is great is SUSHI, or SASHIMI to be exact. Yesterday we ate breakfast before leaving the house and were pretty hungry when we made it to Atlanta. We checked in (changed clothes) and headed over the the seafood restaurant Goldfish. It was so good! We sat at the sushi bar, where Chef Alex started us off with Ahi Tuna with seaweed, cucumbers, bean sprouts and his own special sauce. It was complimentary! Frank told him he wanted to try different things that aren't usually offered around home and just to surprise us. Well, he did such a wonderful job. We sampled white tuna, yellowtail tuna, fatty tuna, giant clam, and bonito. A couple of the dishes were prepared with Yuzu and Nashi Pears and it was so good, I wanted a straw just to drink the sauce! The citrus from the fruits added to the soy sauce kind of cook the fish so it doesn't taste so "raw" and it was all so delicious! I highly recommend this restaurant if you like sushi and are going to be in Atlanta. They had a great looking regular seafood menu, too, but we only had the sashimi.

Afterwards, we walked around the Perimeter Mall to the 100 Anniversary Celebration for Blue Bell Ice Cream. Frank and I shared on of their little cups of vanilla ice cream (4 points for one, only 2 when shared) it was pretty good, tasted like homemade.

We also went window shopping in the Perimeter Mall for about 3 hours. Nice way to walk off that fish!

Well, I guess I should get going, today we are going to the DeKalb Farmer's Market. TTFN!

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amanda said...

i'm glad you're having a good time. go bulls! i'm here at work by myself so i thought i would get on here and look. hope you thought of me when you were eating that yummy ice cream :) well i'll ttyl.
bye love ya