Thursday, April 26, 2007

My new word ... Maintain!

Today, I weighed in and I had a "0" which the leader told me to call "maintaining" not zero - because to maintain takes effort and sometimes "zero" sounds deflating. I think she is right. We always say, "Well, at least you didn't gain!" Truth is, right now it makes me very happy knowing that I can eat for a week and maintain! I believe I am going to have to add a bit more to my exercising to get the weight to drop faster at this point. Everything feels good, though, I actually fit into a pair of pants and two dresses that have been hanging in my closet staring at me for about 5 years now! And this morning I had my cholesterol and glucose levels checked. My total cholesterol was down 13 points from 2003 (the last records Dr. McGee has on file), my triglycerides were down 126 (from 287 to 161, which is still high, but good to be down)! My goods and bads were about the same - so not sure what that means, except that my diet and exercise are obviously working in more places than just those covered by clothes!
The layout above is more from the photo shoot I did with my friend Angela's little cuties. I love this one of Anna with the wind just barely blowing her hair and her dress in the same direction. Aren't the mountains in the background pretty? TFL.

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