Saturday, May 19, 2007

Catching You Up on Weight Watchers

Well, it has been a busy last few Wednesdays! I couldn't remember whether I posted or not so I went back and looked and it appears I didn't since Amanda's birthday! Whew, where has my brain been? Maybe you shouldn't answer that.

Oh, I know, one week I had to be a John Johnson Ford on Wednesday instead of Tuesday - that week I weighed on Thursday and had another "0", oops, I mean, I "maintained!"

The next Wednesday, Julia was out, but I lost .6 - YEAH! That was the .6 I was waiting for and it got me to that magical next 5 pound mark - 55 Pounds! The next week I weighed in again on Thursday and had another maintaining week.

Last week, Mom was in the hospital and I was in Waynesville on Weigh-in day. It was the first week I had missed completely. On the scales at home I was still pretty much at the 55 pound mark, though. On Thursday of this past week, I started on some awful pills to help regulate my "girly" parts and boy has it made me hungry! I have been trying to watch what I eat, but I feel as if I am snacking even when I don't realize it. I am almost too afraid to step on the scales. Hopefully, I haven't done too much damage. I certainly do miss my meetings though.

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