Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Tablet PC!

Today was weigh in day, but I had to be in Brevard to do the John Johnson ad so I didn't get to weigh -hoping to make it there on Thursday. Right now I am writing on the new tablet pc we got at work. It reads my handwriting as I write on the screen and then I tap insert and it puts it here for you to read in typed form-isn't that cool? I just got it at 6 tonight and of course I have already taken all the training on the computer including learning now to use the Speech recognition feature, too! It's really neat, but I know it will do better if I have a proper headset. Matt has one in his pc class that will be mine once this school year ends. This is really neat, but I better get to bed, I have to be in Brevard at 8 am!

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