Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Whew! What A Day!

So today (really yesterday) was staff meeting day and the first thing we did was hear that Steve Brown, one of two guys in classified, was no longer with us and they needed someone to cover his accounts. Guess who? Well, I didn't take them all, Heather took some, Nate took a couple, and I think Meg took some, then I got a bucket load. It was definitely one of my busier days. Oh, and did I mention that I am also filling in for Hillary this week while she is away in Honduras on a mission trip.

Anyway, today I got to test the waters in the classified world of TONS of REALTORS and realty ads. Lynelle has been trying to convince me to sell real estate but instead I am selling to real estate (brokers.) It was fun to be busy again! I am hoping they will decide to move me over to the classified side for good, just hoping that if they do, I don't end up working every Tuesday night until 11:30! So I guess I better go to bed - got to be back in 7 hours! Nite!

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