Sunday, July 01, 2007

Does Anyone Know?

What kind of flower this is? We saw it at the Arboretum, but it wasn't labeled. I have never seen anything like it before. (You can click on it to make it bigger.)


Anonymous said...

Yes I do!

It is a "Passiflora" which serves as the caterpillar food source for some of the world's most beautiful butterflies. I can't zoom in close enough to tell if it's the "lavender lady" version but I'm pretty sure. There are 10 versions or so of this flower...if you want more info about them, contact and ask about the Passiflora Society International.

Live, Love & Have Kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Nope. But, it scares me that I see SpongeBob in the one in the lower right corner.

Rene from ACOT

Anonymous said...

omg, Rene. I thought it was Shrek.

Almost sent me back to bed.

4 Peas in A Pod

Anonymous said...

Yup - Passion Flowers. We have them here and they smell wonderful! They are called passion flowers because they have a ring of "thorns" and three "nails". The five bits (green) that go around also stand for something, but I can't remember. Of course, purple is the colour of royalty. They are considered an Easter flower here in Bermuda.