Saturday, July 14, 2007

Linville Falls Ride

This time a week ago, Frank and I had just finished a two mile hike to view the Linville Falls just off the Parkway. It was near the end of a beautiful ride we started around 2 that day when we got onto the Parkway at Hwy 74 near River Ridge in Asheville. We took the north route following our motorcycle guide book refers to as the "Grandfather Loop." It was the coolest ride ... literally, it was probably 10 degrees cooler up there. I actually had cold arms for most of the trip. There was very little traffic, the roads were lined with rhodedendrons, and it was just a very peaceful ride. When we finished the ride and got off the Parkway at Hwy 321 Blowing Rock & Boone, we decided it was about 8:45 and maybe we should find a hotel because it was going to be way too cold for the 2 hour ride home. What we didn't know was that the cheapest thing in Boone was about $130! Whew, I don't think so! So, after a quick look at the map and a call to 1-800-DAYSINN, we decided on spending the night in Lenoir. By the time we got there and checked in to the hotel, we realized we were quite hungry ... and quite dirty! We hopped in and out of the shower and tried to find a place that wasn't fast food that was open at 11:30 at night (in a town a bit smaller than Hooterville.) We found a Ruby Tuesday's, devoured what was left of their salad bar, had a very tasty turkey avocado burger and headed back for snoozeville! It's amazing how tiring riding can be. We got up the next morning and decided to take 64 West back through Morganton and Lake Lure. It was really nice. More photos in the next post.

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