Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Memories ...

Where does your mom work? She sells Tupperware! That's what my mama did for years. I'll bet we had every piece they made ... and a beautiful station wagon to haul it all in! I bet Mama can name every piece in this picture I found while looking through some old advertising books the other day. I see the cereal bowls and the servalier set, the tumblers and the mini salt and pepper shakers, and who could live without the huge mixing bowl or the really cool "cake taker!" What is really amazing is that I still use a lot of these same pieces today. I remember riding with Mama to her tupperware parties, especially the ones in Toxaway and Quebec - because she was there late at night and she needed someone to go with her. Guess having a 10 year old with you is considered "protection" in those parts! LOL! Learning about which tupperware piece you could fill with water, seal and turn upside down without spilling (the one gallon pitcher); how to cut lettuce without turning it brown ("use this green thingy and NOT a metal knife"); and how to "burp" your tupperware to keep the food fresh ~ all these things I learned from my mama, the tupperware lady. Even if I am not the best cook in the world, I do know how to stock a kitchen (just ask Frank, he loves MY kitchen!) Thanks Mama!
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Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, I can not believe you learned all that stuff from going with me and still remember all the details. You are right about everything too. Including that I needed you to go for protction & company(which you were get at)
I do remember every one of these pieces and till this day you, Angie. or I have most of these and we use them. That is a pretty good endorsement for a product that we have owned and used at least 40 years. Thanks for all the nice memories
Love you