Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Every good day should start with a good breakfast. Maybe it was in honor of Independence Day and the sound of fireworks that have populated the air lately or maybe I was just hungry for a bit of nostalgia. Not really sure what prompted me to buy the Rice Krispies, but one krispy bite into them, I remembered why they used to be my favorite cereal! I bought the box last week and finished them off this morning! I love the taste and found it refreshingly "grown-up" that I enjoyed them just as much without the heaping spoonfuls of sugar I used to bathe them in! Isn't it funny how people enjoy their cereal differently? I love my krispies and my honey nut cheerios with cold skim milk and eating them while they are still crunchy. Frank, on the other hand, won't eat any cereal unless it's soggy from sitting in whole milk. What's your favorite cereal and how do you like to eat it?


Anonymous said...

Cherrios, especially with strawberries

Paula Roberts said...

That's gotta be from Mama! Love you, too!

Amanda said...

mmm, i like cherrios, plain or honeynut with bananas and some sugar.thats what grandma used to do. defiently crunchy though. but any cereal that turns the milk chocolate is good too. :)