Wednesday, August 29, 2007

1.0 lb! Still have 50.2 to go!

Watched all my points and exercised a few times and lost 1 pound! Yeah!

Even better news? My passport came yesterday! This year we have to have them to go to Jamaica - my picture is absolutely horrible but from what I hear, if it was a good photo they would swear it was fake! No chance of that! Getting it somehow made going to Jamaica again seem more real. Now I am getting antsy!

We will be very busy from now until New Year's Eve it appears - this Saturday we are having a send-off party for Nate who has been deployed by the Army; on the 15th we will celebrate Harmony's 4th birthday (where has the time gone? I can't believe she is 4!); on the 29th we will celebrate Art's birthday; getting into October, we celebrate Frank & Helen's birthday and we leave for Jamaica on the 26th; we'll be back into town just in time for Mom's birthday on the 12th of November; Justin, Me, the Pilgrims and the Indians celebrate birthdays and Thanksgiving two weeks after that; and then we're into December and who knows what parties and gatherings that will bring! Anyway, just thought I would share all that with you sense I am feeling a little overwhelmed with my early deadlines for Labor Day. Sometimes I think I would rather work that day than do double duty the week before and after just trying to catch up from one short holiday. Does anyone else feel that way? BTW, if you have something I need to include on our calendar - please leave me a comment and I'll make sure we added to the mix.

Whew - that leaves me a bit out of breath so I will go for now - check back later for a new post as I have something I really want to share here on this anniversary of Katrina heating New Orleans.

Video from last trip to Jamaica-Frank took the video of EB with our camera as we chased Rusty the turtle ~ Enjoy! (Let me know if you can watch the video - it is a new blogger feature I wanted to try out.)

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Amanda said...

Cool video! Don't forget atley's bday on September 10th.