Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ready, Set, Go!

This is my new "Before" picture even though it is really an after picture since it's one year (and 50 pounds less) after I started Weight Watchers. I love the picture even though it is a bit blurry. Frank took it after dark at Patriot's Point last Saturday when we went to Charleston. So, today I put my mind back into weight loss mode. I am halfway there and I am not going to give up even if it does take another year ... or another year. Julia told us today that the years are going to come and go whether we do anything or not, so we shouldn't let the time it takes to accomplish something be what hinders us from starting that something. So today is my LAUNCH DAY again - see why I chose this pic? Not only do I like the picture, but being on a torpedo is kind of an appropriate way to LAUNCH my next 12 months of Weight Watchers.

Last year when I started I added up the pounds lost - got up to 55 pounds before I took a little hiatus to let my body, brain, and closet catch up. I've put back on 7.8 of those pounds by not paying close enough attention and by skipping meetings (due to work mostly) so when I went today my total weight loss was at 48.2!

So this is the deal, when I get back to the 50 pound loss I am going to start counting down the second 50. So each week instead of telling you how much I've lost I am going to tell you how much I have left to goal. I think this will be a different approach as it will keep me striving to see that number dwindling (like me) instead of increasing. Make sense? So keep your fingers crossed and your tempting foods outta my way because I'm on a mission!


Amanda said...

I am rooting for you.:) I'll try to keep the ice cream away from you by eating it my sacrifice to you. :) love you and like the pic.

Anonymous said...

I love this pic !!!! How about making me one? I'll be waiting for your call every Wed. Would you please send Sandra a link to your blog ? Looks like Amanda is making a LARGE sacrifice for your diet !!! HA!HA! HA!
Love Mom