Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do you know what this is?

Eye Glasses! Yes, today, while I was out sick with strep throat I took the opportunity to find an eye doctor who accepts my really good insurance. Turns out Drs. Cannon and Kilgo next to Eckerds (now RITEAID) just started accepting it. So I made an appointment for Friday morning, which I hope means that I will be able to see what I am typing here by the end of next week when they have finished my new glasses. I am assuming they will tell me I need new glasses as my eyesight is getting really lousy!

Well, feeling a bit better and heading off to sleeply land. Night night.

BTW, this is two nights I have blogged and actually called my mother on her cell phone and talked for at least 30 minutes last night. Nothing like parents responding to your blog to put the guilts into you! Haha, not really, enjoyed talking to you, mom - :)

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