Saturday, September 22, 2007

Not as bad as I thought

I had my eyes examined yesterday and according to the doctor, I have astigmatism and farsightedness yet somehow I still manage to have 20/15 vision. He says I probably put a lot of strain on my eyes to accomplish it but nonetheless it is still very good vision. He recommended reading glasses or progressive lenses so when I need them to read and then I look up I don't have to take them off. Sounded like a great idea ... until they priced them at $302 (and that was with FREE frames!) Holy cow! My insurance policy allows for a $10 copay in three catergories: exam, lenses, and frames. The exam is fully covered for the $10; I pay $10 for any frames up to $130 and then get 20% Off any amount that goes over; and $10 for basic lenses. Well I picked a really pretty pair of Saks 5th Avenue lenses and they were going to be free so I am thinking, "Cool, they seem a lot sturdier than the last ones I had." Then it came to the lenses: add in transitions (so they would turn when I went outside); anti-microdial glare or something like that; etching (?); and the Physio progressive lens. All of a sudden they were spitting out numbers like $596 less what the insurance would cover, blah, blah, blah, and I thought, "Nope, don't need them that bad, after all didn't he just say I was 20/15?" I am just not going to pay more than $20 for reading glasses. They took of this and that and finally got down to a plastic no frills progressive lens and it was still going to be $93. I said, "Thank you, but this is not that high on my list of priorities right now, especially not since I already have a prescription pair at home just for reading." Then I promptly left, taking with me those sexy flimsy black 3D looking things they call glasses because my eyes had been pumped with so much dilation drops I could hardly see the car. Sure glad it was overcast!

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