Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Got John Edwards

This morning, I am up a bit early for a Saturday, but I had to shuttle Frank off so I thought I would take a little quiet time and surf. I went to a Jamaican website and the first thing on it was a link to a quiz to help you determine which presidential candidate shares most of your views. I think it is somewhat appropriate that North Carolina born John Edwards agreed with me on 41% of the issues. Granted it's not a very high percentage, but I am guessing it is the best I am going to get. In my heart, I feel like the country is going to agree that it's time for a Democrat (not my view necessarily) but I think just the same way that Heath beat Charles in this area, Southern Republicans with lack of a better party choice may return to their Southern Democrat roots and vote for Edwards. He does seem more sincere, I believe, but then again it could just be southern charm ... and I am a sucker for that sweet accent of his!

Try this link SELECT A CANDIDATE QUIZ. Then click on comments below and tell me who you got. I know it's a bit different to hear me talk about politics, but I am just curious to know if all the southerners I know think the same way ... or at least closely.

P.S. Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, also scored 41. However, I couldn't possibly vote for a man who is the Governor of the state that gave my Dad a speeding ticket when we were "just keeping up to keep from getting run over." It was the only "bad" thing I think that happened on our two week road trip out west the summer before my Senior year.

P.S.S. The highest scoring Republican was Rudy Giuliani with 30.

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Anonymous said...

Thompsom & McCain

Only agreed with 1 answer with Edwards.

How is Amy ?
Love you