Monday, November 12, 2007

Day Five: Jamaica

Halloween in Jamaica

Hump Day! 4 days down and 4 to go! So you all are probably wondering, "Are they ever going to get to dive?" I'm happy to report that Wednesday the water settled down enough for us to get on the boat and head out for a dive. FINALLY! No more mopey boy! LOL! He wasn't too bad, but I think if we hadn't got to dive on Wednesday he would have gone to ask for a refund (you, know like the front desk could have controlled the waves!) Anyway we, along with 18 others, on a boat built for about 16, finally made it out to the reef. The current was so strong and the boat was really rocking, I was happy to get into the water and couldn't wait to descend. I held on to the anchor rope all the way down even when the rope was covered with barnacles, which I had no idea would sting me. Ouch, the stings started about halfway through the dive when I realized I had not put my gloves on. Sometime along the way, I got stung by a jellyfish on the outside of my right thumb. Good news was that even though the current was strong, the water was clearer than I expected and I actually got to see some fish, a few crab. One really big Sea Cucumber:

And we had gotten to dive! EB says to us, who is going on 2nd dive ~ I knew Frank would say, yes, but I decided to go lay the alcohol to my hands and see if I could make the stinging stop. I also knew it would free up Frank to really explore and to help EB keep up with all the divers. It was a really big group and I thought Frank would be better at helping them than keeping up with me. So while I ran to the room, he played like employee and helped unload and reload all the tanks and bcds. I think there were guests there who thought he was part of the staff. That always happens. And he LOVES it! He fits right in and he understands the way they talk andWhen the dive was over and we got back onto the boat, my hands were stinging but I was so excited that everything. I will never understand how he says I talk and think to fast, and yet he can understand the Patois language that the Jamaicans speak so rapidly. I think he understands what he wants to! And I guess that is good when in Jamaica!

Frank went out on the second dive, but didn't take the camera due to so much scatter in the water. When he returned, we got to fill out our log books with the dives and then made plans for a night dive. Again, I decided not to go on the night dive, fearing I would just be in the way with the waters so turbulent. Frank was really excited, though, and was able to get a couple of good shots ~

While Frank was out diving, I was visited by some trick or treaters:

The picture is a bit blurry because they were jumping up and down, singing, "Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat!" I had brought play-do for the school children, but I had no candy, so they each got play-do. The next day, they remembered me! They were pretty funny!

Before dinner, we met with Dolores and Mike for a few more stories and then we headed off for the eats. Dinner tonight was buffet and since it was Jamaica night, there was delicious Curry Chicken and tons of braised oxtail. Frank promised to make more curry dishes when we return home and he made good this past week with the most delicious shrimp curry I have ever tasted. Maybe I can return the favor sometime and make some oxtail in my new crockpot.

Well, tomorrow we'll do day six - hint - lots more diving! Thank goodness!

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