Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Justin ... I got to celebrate tomorrow yesterday!

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Happy Birthday, Justin! Hope you have a great day and all your wishes come true!

Celebrating the 26th on the 24th ~

Since Frank has to work on my birthday, we decided to celebrate on Saturday. We got up early and went to the 11:30 showing of Enchanted (if you click that you can see the preview.) The movie was absolutely ... enchanting! I loved it and Frank laughed and smile all the way through it, too. Patrick Dempsy is totally at home in the reluctant hero role and I love Amy Adams. I have seen her in Wedding Crashers. Junebug, and Talledega Nights and just think she is perfect at "over the top" acting. She made the perfect princess-to-be.

While we were watching, my cell phone started to buzz and I saw that it was Joanna's number. Thinking she might be calling about going into labor, I answered quickly, but it wasn't Joanna. It was Harmony singing the sweetest and most enchanting version of "Happy Birthday." Now how she knew I was celebrating today is just magical! I was whispering my appreciation when she whispered back, "Why are you talking like that?" I told her I was in the movies, and she said, "Oh you are in the movies? I will talk to you later!" She is so smart! So I called her back when we were done and told her all about the princess movie I had seen and she insisted I take her to see it, too. I'm not much on seeing a movie twice, but as a testament to just how good this movie was AND how sweet Harmony is, I may have to reconsider.

After the movie, we ate a late lunch at Cheddars and went to Kohl's, Barnes & Noble, & Dillards for a little birthday shopping. At Kohl's, I got two pairs of knee socks to wear under the boots Mama & Daddy got me for my birthday and a new scrapbook; at Barnes & Noble, the book, Basic Black; and at Dillard's, a beautiful Brown Le Suit suit in a size I need to lose about 10 pounds to get into but also a size that is 4 sizes smaller than in it would have been this time last year. The Le Suits are made really small and it looked really good on me, but I was afraid to sit down or let out my breath, so I think I will wait and lose the 10 pounds before showing it off. He also bought me two black skirts and a black pair of pants ~ between the book, two skirts, and pants ~ I was starting to see a trend ~ Basic Black! Well, it was what I wanted because I love my new boots so much that I wanted to have plenty of reasons to strut them! (Thanks Mama & Daddy & Frank!)

Before we left for Jamaica, Helen & Art gave me money to add to the money they gave me last year for my birthday and for Christmas and I bought the new Kodak Z812 IS Camera. Needless to say, I have been enjoying that birthday present since October! (Thanks Art & Helen!)

It is winter time again and I think the basement has finally cooled down enough for me to get back to scrapping so I was really thrilled with my sister's gift to me, a gift card to AC Moore! I am off tomorrow for my birthday so I thought I would take a trip to Fairview and pick up a few things to get started again. (Thank you, Angie & Gene and family!)

Look for Day Six: Jamaica later today or by tomorrow since I'm off, guess I should get you caught up. You should enjoy Day Six and Seven as we got some beautiful underwater pictures to show off.

Well, my breakfast is ready, so I'll sign off for now. Have a great Sunday!

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