Monday, November 05, 2007

We're Back!

Well, nine days went by fast and we are back at home now and already missing those we call friends and the beautiful country of Jamaica. We had a great time! Noel's winds caused the water to be a bit wavy for the first 3 days (delaying our dives) but we had no rain (except for 1 minute showers about twice a day) and beautiful sunny days the whole time!

I figure the best way to blog about the trip is to take it one vacation day per one blog day! So today I will tell you about Saturday - Arrival day! We made it through airport security with no problems. Frank had a great idea for getting through the "shoes off" part without feeling like we were taking everyone's foot germs with us on vacation ~ we wore two pairs of socks and ditch the outside pair after going through security and before putting our shoes back on! Made sense because you know they never wash those floors!

The Atlanta airport is great because of the tram that takes you all the way out to your concourse and when you are flying internationally that is the last concourse - 5000 feet from ticketing. That would be a long walk (even with your fancy dancy new four wheeled luggage!) Anyway, I like this airport a lot. The picture is of our reflection in the window we were looking out of to view them getting our plane ready.

Cool shot - Frank's idea!

Okay, on to Jamaica, arrived 10:45 their time (which ironically, is our time now, too, since the time changed the day we got back!) Our driver picked us up along with 6 others and we headed out for the 2 hour ride to Breezes, but guess what? It was only 1 1/2 hours! The new road is completely finished from Jamaica all the way to Runaway Bay. No more Falmouth, no more bumpy bumpy roads through closer than you dare city traffic. They even have lines on the roads (definitely something new!) The driver tried to explain to us how the lines worked, calling what we call "passing zones," "overtaking zones." We just played along, acting like it was such a cool concept, never letting on like it was something we were totally familiar with. He seemed so proud!

We got to the hotel and at first, they gave us a second floor room, but we talked with Julian and Stacy and they worked to get us a first floor room. We like being able to walk out the sliding door instead of the front. We were three rooms from the end and directly beside the great new dive shop and a hop, skip, and jump from the beautiful new infinity pool.

Of course, the first thing we did after dropping our things at the room was to go see EB, the Scuba Instructor. So glad he is still there as all the other divemasters are new. We met his new boss, George, and other instructors, Mr. Brown and Kevin. They were all very nice, too!

Next stop, food, and the hope of seeing Janice or at least making sure she was still there. We didn't see her but asked our waitress who told us she would be at dinner on Sunday. Yeah! Our two favorites were still there. So we had a nice salad lunch with some fruit and a little pasta and it was back to the room to get unpacked. I think this is the only trip I take where I actually use the dressers provided, most of the time I prefer to live out of the suitcase, but I guess this is more like home away from home.

The rooms have been renovated with a new bed, dresser, desk, and a flat screen television. In the bathroom area, they had taken out the tub and replaced with a marble shower with 6 shower heads! Wow! It felt really nice! Didn't think to take a picture, but you can imagine how good it felt after a long day in the saltwater and the sun!

That evening we had oxtail (Frank's favorite) and curried goat along with lots of other salads and sides and the normal choice of ice cream and petite fours for dessert. According to our scales we both gained weight, but happily only about 2 pounds each! Guess all the diving and walking on the beach cancels out some of the desserts and jerk chicken!

Tomorrow I have to go back to work but Frank is off until Wednesday. Hopefully I will have time to post a few more pics on Tuesday and tell you a bit more about our trip. We missed you all and have souvenirs for you, too! Will catch up soon!

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