Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pig Out Weekend

The last time Frank and I went shopping at Sam's, we got a really good deal on pork - not just pork chops, but pork butt and ham, too. And this is the story of how we ended up having all of it in one weekend:

One of the ladies was cooking pork chops with Classico Tomato Sauce and provolone cheese. It reminded me that Amanda had requested Lasagna for the next time she was here so we thought this might close but give her a taste of something new but still use some of the flavors of lasagna.

Now, I have been craving barbecue for about a month and when we got such a good deal on the pork butt, Frank promised to smoke it and make me some barbecue.

Last week Nick called and said to Frank, "Why don't you invite us over for dinner sometime?" Frank told him pick the food and he would be happy to. So all the kids got together and decided they liked his pintos with ham the best and it was set to have that on Sunday night.

So, after we were all sitting around tonight feeling stuffed and fat - Frank called us all little pigs and pointed out that every meal we had this weekend was courtesy of three little pigs!

Needless to say, we sure did eat "high on the hog" this weekend!

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