Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Woo Hoo Falcons beat #1 Team in the State

Way to go, Falcons and a Happy Birthday present for Matthew! The Falcons beat the previously undefeated, and ranked #1 in the state, Smoky Mountain Mustangs, in a very close game tonight. It stayed close the whole game and came down to two free throws that put them ahead by three - it was so awesome! Because they are such a good team, we really didn't expect Matthew to get in the game much, but he did - long enough (almost 2 minutes!) to get called for 2 fouls! He said he was no where near the guy on one of the calls, but of course what baller doesn't say that? :) Anyway, Falcons can hold their heads up high tonight! The win makes them 2-1 in the conference and they face North Henderson at North on Friday night. Congrats Falcons and Congrats & Happy B-day, Matter!

PS I took pictures with b.w film and Billy took them to be developed, hopefully I got at least one shot of him playing!

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