Friday, August 21, 2009

Move-In Day at Western

I can't believe I left TWO of my girls in Cullowhee this year! WOW! What a busy day it was. We left Food Lion at 7:30. Transfer Orientation (yawn) was until 12:00, then up to Forsyth to meet Amy's adviser and rearrange her schedule. Then over to the new Real Food Diner to use some Block Meals! They've built a new dining hall and it's like being at a mall food court. Problem was they were not prepared for all the extra parents and siblings - all the stations were running low, even the ice machines were empty. Food was pretty good. Amanda and Amy are both happy there is a Starbucks on campus now - open until 2:00 am! I think Matthew was asked what year he was as many times as the girls were! We got all of their stuff moved in around 4:30 and their dad left around 5:45. I stayed on to help get the computers and cable up and running and just to spend a few last hours with my girls.

Hope you enjoy the pics. I chose the song, "Let Me Be Myself" by 3 Doors Down because I know it's time we let them be themselves. They're all grown up now!

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