Thursday, December 03, 2009

Matthew sidelined due to Spider Bite

Matthew had to watch tonight's game from the sideline after being bit sometime last week by a spider. We drained it last Saturday evening and thought it was getting better but last night it got worse and I had to take him to the doctor. The doctor gave him some antibiotics but by 3:30 today it was swollen back up and throbbing in pain. I picked him up at school and took him back to the doctor where we both we practically in tears by the time they gave him a shot and got him a prescription for pain. I still want to cry for him. Just hate to see my babies in pain. Anyway, he didn't get to play basketball tonight and I'm sure that just added to his pain. Tonight he is using the heating pad and keeping the arm elevated. I am asking for prayers for relief and for healing.

PS It's funny that even though he didn't play tonight he was mentioned by Jeremy in the article. "A spider bite sidelined Falcon starter Matt Roberts. His absence, combined with foul trouble, hurt West's rotation."

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