Saturday, January 29, 2011

Haywood County Visit

Today I had to meet Amanda to pick up Matthew and take him to the doctor. Since she was observing at Bethel Middle School, I got to take a few pictures in Canton and Bethel.

Really creepy looking house across from the cemetery on the road that goes to Aunt Pat's.
The house we lived in when I was three or four. I remember Daddy stumping his toe coming into our room and saying a bad word, haha. I also remember getting the switching of my life after leaving the backyard to go visit the neighbors. Hey, I was just being social!
The Barn in front of Grandpa Burnette's house
This is the view from the back door of my great grandfather's home in Bethel. I remember this view from my childhood the most. I also remember the smell of fresh cow's milk sitting on the back porch chilling. I have a picture of my grandfather, whom I called "Papaw's Daddy," wearing a suit but in real life I only remember him in overalls. I was born on his 67th birthday - maybe that's why my favorite clothes are overalls!
Miss the bees out front
Shut the barn door!
To me that says Papaw's Daddy's Drive :)

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