Saturday, January 08, 2011

Matthew now at WCU

So yesterday we took Matthew to WCU to get moved into his room, if you can call it a room. It's pretty small. It snowed all day but never did seem to stick, at least not until we were ready to leave and then it got really bad, really fast. We drove from Sylva to Asheville in one lane of traffic at 20 mph.

Matthew will be taking English, Music, Nutrition & Wellness, Economics, & Communications this first semester at Western.

It was so hard to look back at him sitting in that room all by himself. It was as if we were shutting a jail cell door when we closed the door behind us. YES, of course I cried. And I'm crying now as I write this. It was much easier with Amanda and Amy because they had each other. I know he will be fine and he will be with some of his high school friends within a week but last night we left him in an empty room. About 30 minutes after we got home we heard that Monday classes were cancelled. I felt even worse because now he is up there snowbound, too.

Yes, he will be fine!!!! I know that but I miss him already :(

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