Monday, March 21, 2011

72-78/365 Days of Photos

72/365 ~ Technology on his own pace.
We got on our first computer Christmas, 1998. I gave up using it as a primary email and web browser about a year later however it is still the browser of choice by the other computer user in this house. This is the same person who prefers a laptop that is ten years old just because it has a middle scroll button that newer models don't. Oh well he might not be at the forefront of technology but he has at least given up the GIANT MOUSE TRACK BALL :)

73/365 ~ “Once I saw a duck walking down the street so I went into Subway and ordered two pieces of bread, and they informed me that they could not do that, like there was some speical rule at Subway that two pieces of bread weren't allowed to touch. So the woman asked me what I wanted on the sandwich and I said I do not care it is for a duck, and she was like oh then it's free. I was not aware that ducks eat for free at Subway. It's like give me a chicken fajita sub, but don't worry about ringing it up, it is for a duck.”- Mitch Hedberg quotes (American Comedian, 1968-2005)

Spotted these ducks having fun in the flooded lowlands at Jackson Park today. It was cool because they weren't actually on a pond and I could get closer to them. Of course, I now need to buy new dress shoes and my stockings are trashed but hey, don't you just love the reflection in the muddy flood waters?

74/365 ~ It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Who says you can't take pictures in the rain? Fog is one of my favorite subjects especially when found atop a mountain covered in tall trees. I found these on Randy Drive across the street from where I live (up behind the Highway Patrol's office.) The fog is hiding it but there is a huge boulder behind the trees.

75/365 ~ "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD." Psalm 122:1 (KJV)

Picture number 004 with my new Canon 7d. Steeple surrounded by the lifting fog. Penrose, NC.

76/365 ~ A Kiss for Luck ~ Stephanie & Rodney

Stephanie and Rodney were married four years ago today. I asked, "Why St. Patrick's Day?" "It's my favorite holiday," replied Stephanie! Good enough reason for me!

So where did the saying "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" originate? Here are the answers I found on Yahoo's Answers site:

It is a reference to the Blarney Stone. Kissing the Blarney stone brings you good luck so if you can't kiss the stone the next best chance of getting good luck is "kissing an Irish person." (Side Note: The Blarney Stone is the 'Stone of Eloquence' in Blarney Castle, kissing it gives you the ability to never be lost for words, becoming a smooth talker so-to-speak)

And it had this to say about the Luck of the Irish ~

Have you ever heard of "luck of the Irish" people would kiss something like a lottery ticket to get luck! So who has more luck than the Irish! (I am Irish) So people came up with the saying "kiss me I'm Irish" to get luck or to get lucky!!! Haha (:

Actually "luck of the Irish" is an old racist saying that has now been interpreted differently. People said the Irish were lucky when they started having successful business ventures because the stereotype of Irish were that they were too stupid to run businesses and many signs in stores would read "Irish need not apply.

77/365 ~ Self Portrait. That's me in the reflection of Frank's glasses. Of course I'm holding the camera. I love looking at myself through his eyes because even though he sees every flaw and knows where all my wrinkles and rolls are, he loves me just the same.

78/365 - Painting with Light
Believe it or not this was the most interesting thing in the room (to me) today at a photography class that I took in Greenville. Maybe I just get bored too easily :)

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