Sunday, December 25, 2011

Grapevines intertwining Family

On Thursday, Frank and I traveled to Hazelwood to dig up a grapevine for Daddy's new backyard. My Uncle GL's sister, Ruby Lee, offered up some pink rooted vines and some cuttings from her Concord Blue Vine. One thing we didn't know until we had time to visit with her was that the vines she was sharing came from property that originally belonged to some of my dad's kin. I love that we were able to get him a vine that has a family history. Thank you, Ruby Crumpler for the visit and the grapevines. We both had a wonderful time getting to sit with you for a while and so appreciate you sharing your stories and the grapevines with us. Daddy is very happy and hopefully they will take root and weave our families together even more. Merry Christmas. We Love you!

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