Sunday, August 20, 2006

Candid Cookin'

A Slice of Frank's life - Sunday, August 20, 2006

Frank is doing what he does best, COOKING, while I ask him these questions. In other words, he is HUMORING me! Gotta love him!

The last person your sent a card to:
I sent my dad an email card

What you ate for lunch today:
Two pieces of baguette with bread dipping sauce and a mountain dew

Something you just learned:
That Tyler Florence puts olive oil in his mashed potatoes; I have also been learning a bit of Spanish

Your favorite song this year:
Nickelback and Santana - Why don't we fly away or something like that

The last book you read:
Whining and Dining by Terry Ruscin; before that the Archie Comics that Paula bought me on ebay

What you are wearing right now:
Blue shorts, read golf shirt, white socks and reeboks (of course)

The last phone call you made:
To Paula after I went to the dentist; from Ingles, "Should I get cash for tonight?"

Inside, you don't feel very different from when you were (how old?):

The last restaurant you ate at was:
Does Earth Fare count? Before that, 2 Guys Pizza and Ribs

Your favorite TV show is:

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