Sunday, August 20, 2006

What They Think ...

I sent this questionairre to my mom, my sister, Angie and my good friend, Angela. I told them to be honest and answer each question - I promised I could take it. Frankly, I think they all did a great job and I have laughed at each answer. I read the questions to Frank and he gave me his answers (but I was too slow to write them down.) I am still waiting for Tamara and Lynelle's responses but I decided to record what I have so far. Following is the quiz and the answers of my first responders (m=mom, s=sister, a=angela):

1. What expression do I use - way too often?
m. "I am so busy I cannot find time to come to Clyde."
s. Talking with your hands (unfortunately for both of us, it is genetic, I think)
a. (I don't think you have one)

2. What do I do or say that makes you laugh?
m. This one is hard for me because we do not spend enough time together to enjoy laughing and enjoying each other like we did in years past. Sometimes I really miss that!!
s. Talking with your hands (sorry for double response)
a. You can pee the fastest of any living human I've ever known! In a restaurant ladies room, you can be done, have your hands washed and dried, and take a phone call and I'd still be in mid-stream! Truly, you are the unofficial world record holder for the Fastest Urinator!

3. What do you believe comes easy to me?
m. Talking, any source of communication.
s. SCRAPBOOKING!!!!! (ugh!)
a. Juggling 80 ga-zillion things at once. From kids to work to friends to family to crafts... shew! You amaze me at all you do!

4. What do you believe I struggle with?
m. Not having a church family as you did as you were growing up.
s. Not talking.
a. Finances. But who doesn't?

5. If someone was meeting me at the airport, how would you describe me? BE HONEST! LOL!
m. Just look for the lady with the biggest smile, and looks like she excited.
s. She will probably be the one wearing overall shorts.
a. I'd say, "She's the tall leggy brunette with tossled hair and no make-up. She'll probably be wearing a long, flowing dress down to her ankles so you might not get to see her legs. She'll be holding the most creatively decorated sign with your name on it, but she won't be holding it too high up 'cuz she's got a bumb shoulder. And watch out, she's likely to make you listen to Bon Jovi on the ride to your hotel."

6.What do I have that I should give to Goodwill?
m. All the "stuff" that is in your house that you do not need or use any more.
s. Good question! (maybe the overall shorts? LOL!)
a. About half of your apartment! Do you really need all that stuff???

7. What do I have that I should never let go of?
m. Thing - Your spoon collection; Personal - your bubbly personality
s. Those BEAUTIFUL children!!
a. Your amazing scrapbooks!

8. What's the longest we have ever talked on the telephone?
m. At least 90 minutes, maybe longer several years ago.
s. An hour or so, maybe?
a. At least an hour, but I can guarantee you talked more than I did. Ha-ha!

9. Would I ever jump out of an airplane?
m. NO, I don't think so.
a. Depends on who is in the airplane with you. Jon Bon Jovi? Never. A NASCAR driver? Probably.


10. How do I let you know I care about you?
m. By being there when I really need you and many ways I just can not put in words.
s. When you listen to me.
a. A thousand different ways. When I'm around you I feel like I can be myself. I know I can share things with you that no one else will understand. Everyone comes into your life for a reason and I couldn't be more blessed to have you in mine!

11. What is the funniest story you could tell anyone about me?
m. How you helped steal a watermelon out of the lake.
s. You once tried to push me off the bed, but I saved myself by biting YOUR nose to hold on. Or how about the "car in ditch" due to a cup of chewing tobacco spit? I'm sure if I weren't so tired, I would think of alot more.
a. One of the first times I ever met you was at the Town Tooter office. You had just gotten back from an Aerosmith concert the night before and swore you'd never wash your hand again.... EEUUWW! Apparently Steven Tyler had touched you and you were acting like a giddy teenage girl. I thought, "And THIS is the person who I've got to ride around with all day? I'm going to need a Tylenol."

(NOTE: I did not help with the watermelon theft, I was hurt from falling on the soap with the lantern, remember? The thieves were Angie, Lloyd's daughters and Lynette and Lisa - I did laugh, though, and I am sure if I wasn't hurt I would have been leading the pack.)

12. If I won the lottery what do you think I would do with the money?
m. Pay all of your bills, really enjoy spending a reasonable amount, put some in some account where it is not readly accessable, then give the rest to your kids.
s. You would BUY Jamaica or buyout a scrapbook store.
a. Split it with your kids, then take your part and retire to Jamaica.

Okay, I guess the recurring theme here is that I talk too much, I wear my overalls ALOT, I love my kids, scrapbooking, and Jamaica. Oh yea, I am a really fast pee-er!


Anonymous said...

Paula, I KNOW you can't believe that I am actually BLOGGING!! Who knew I could do that?????

I am just curious, as a homeschooling mom, is "peer-er"a noun, adjective, or a verb???? maybe a direct object??
love ya,

Paula Roberts said...

gosh, I don't know, you're the teacher, let me know when you find out.

PS With all those wonderful kids and cute stories you really should start one of your own for us to read!