Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Day to Cheer!

Amanda started college and she was so thrilled! She was most impressed by many things ~ calling the teachers by their first name, one teacher was late to class, people were smoking on campus, talking on their cell phones and there were no teachers there to take the phones away. Welcome to the real world~you have just witnessed a school without bars! You are going to love the freedom but remember with freedom comes responsibility!

I also officially started Weight Watchers today! It is going to be a long journey but I am happy to say that the road will be lined with many really cool people cheering me on. Everyone had told me the leader, Julia, was a great inspiration and just a ball of laughs. That was an understatement! She rocks! I laughed the whole time, but she was also very helpful. I am really looking forward to next Wednesday. In the mean time, cross your fingers that I can stick to this. Thanks to Ashley for walking with me at Patton, next time we will go for the whole mile!

As I am writing this, Frank and Nick (and Corey) are playing tennis at Patton Park. It is really cool to see Frank taking so much time to help Nick learn how to play. Nick says he wants to try and play on the team at West. That would be really cool.

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