Friday, August 25, 2006

Savannah Memories

On Memorial Day Weekend, we went to Savannah, Georgia. It was Frank's first trip and I think he had a really good time.

On Friday night, we ate at Despositos - a suggestion from my buddy, Bob. He nailed it - the food was delicious and it was just what we needed after the 5 hour drive.

On Saturday, we toured the city with Oglethorpe and learn a lot of cool things about the town. Our tour guide said her grandfather told her that Savannah got her name when the settlers arrived and one girl was so excited she fell overboard - everyone on board yelled, "Save Anna, Save Anna!" Grandfathers are really good at telling stories!

On Sunday, we spent a beautiful day at Tybee Island. The beach was so clean and the waves were huge! We literally spent HOURS in the water. I had a major sunburn for days after.

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