Sunday, August 27, 2006

Golfing the United Way

Frank played in the Kimberly Clark United Way Golf Tournament on Friday at High Vista. He put together a great team including Mike Cole, a KC Supervisor, Bob Payton, and Steve Brown, two of the fellas I work with. They were the "ringers" - really good golfers. They had a great time and Bob and Steve racked up some door prizes to boot! Following is Frank's "Thank You" note to Jane Stewart, the owner of his company, who was nice enough to sponsor his team:

He writes:

"Just as hard as it is to find the right words to thank you, it is to describe how much fun we had at the United Way/Kimberly Clark golf tournament.

@ 8:30 am ~ It was a hopeful shot into a thick blanket of fog.

@ 9:30 am ~ Clearing up nicely as we track tails left by our golf balls in the dew heavy grass (if there wasn't a tail, then most likely the golf gnomes turned your ball into a mushroom.)

@ 11:00 am ~ Things are heating up as we make our way by the clubhouse for autographs and quick photo op with adoring fans; grab a cold drink, then back to the course.

@12:30 pm ~ Time's running out and with sad looking scorecard, the mulligans were right down the middle as we make our final rush to the finish.

@ 2:00 pm ~ Dragging our bags behind us, we climbed the stairs to the picture perfect Laurel Room, where cool air, sandwiches piled high with ham or turkey, and another icy cold drink were just what we bruised and battered warriors needed after a battle for the history books was waged.

The toasts were made and the speeches were, thankfully, short.

The spoils were divided and distributed.


Walking back to my truck, I couldn't help but think, 'What a great day its been!"

So, "Thank You, Jane, for making it possible to join with others who share my sentiments when I say, 'WHAT A GREAT DAY!'"

(Isn't that a cool thank you note. And he came up with that on very little sleep!)

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