Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hey, there's Halle!

A few days ago I posted about how much I was missing everyone from the Town Tooter and put up a picture of Halle, whom I worked with for 4 years. I mentioned to her that we should get together and go to Sandy's and scrapbook so we could see each other. Well today I was getting out of the car to go to Subway in Brevard for lunch and I heard someone call my name, you guessed it, Halle! She had just finished eating lunch at Sora (the Japanese Restaurant) with her daughter who was just finishing up her French vacation with a stop by Mom's. That was so cool to see her. We confirmed that we will try to do the next crop night at Sandy's. Congratulations to her daughter who just got engaged! I hope she and fiance can make their way back south soon.

Well, I have been on my Weight Watchers diet for a week now. I haven't had but about 2 days when I thought I was really hungry so that seems to be positive. Tonight I was really hungry and thought I might "pig out" on the dinner Frank made. It was a recipe from the Weight Watchers site and it was good, though the recipe made about twice as much as it said it would. Frank said if we liked it, he would have to tweak the recipe. I did like it and I was pretty hungry but I stopped with one serving and now I still have 3.5 points left but it is getting late so I might go get a little bit of fruit before I turn in. Wish me luck, I weigh tomorrow for the first time.

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