Sunday, August 20, 2006

Planet Tripping

Yesterday was my day to do "nothing" and it was great! I did agree to go back to the new Earth Fare with Frank. We went over about 5 in the evening, strolled through the cheese section, sampling as we went, and finally made our way to their "hot bar." Window shopping for food really makes the mouth water. We chose the chicken club panini with tortilla chips, bought a small cup of spinach artichoke dip to with the chips and stood sampling the spring rolls while the sous chef prepared chicken satay noodle salad for Frank. We were going to share each of our choices, but the satay noodles were more his style (not much on peanutty tasting noodles) and the chicken sandwich with thick sliced bacon and ham was definitely my style.

Before we left, I filled the buggy with peaches, bananas, and apples. We found a really unique peach - called a
Saturn Peach (isn't that perfect?). They were $8.99/lb. WOW - We got ONE - it was $1.44. I just ate it and it was delicious but I wouldn't say it was any better than one that was less than a dollar. It was cute, though.

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