Sunday, August 20, 2006

Kids On Vacation

My oldest daughter, Amanda, graduated from West in June and we sent her to stay with her aunt in Baltimore for a week. They went to New York - that was her real present from us for graduating. She was in the crowd on "Today" and she had a sign that said, "Hello Etowah." She stayed at the Hotel Edison, which she said was "like a little box, with barely room to turn around in." She saw all the famous streets, Times Square, where the rockettes perform, and where all the tv shows are produced. Sometime I will get her to write about her journey getting there - it is quite winded!

The next week her brother, Matthew, and sister, Amy, went with their dad to see the same aunt. They basically used the aunt's house as a launching pad. They went over into New Jersey just to say they went and the went to Philadelphia - both kids said this was the most fun they had on the trip. They ate a Philly cheese steak and when Matthew got home he said it was the best ever - now he is craving them! They also got to go to Amish country which Amy thought was quite neat. Amy did a lot of shopping and movie watching with Aunt Debbie and her stepmom, Donna and also her Nana went with them. Matthew and Dad went to a New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles game, they sat right behind home plate and somehow managed to get Jorge Posada's autograph. Needless to say they were in heaven.

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