Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rainy Day, New Hangout, Old Friends & An Engagement!

Today started out really rainy and I had to take car pictures at John Johnson. The rain let up while I was taking them, thank goodness he only had 11 new ones. After I finished I went to the new Transylvania County Library. Wow! What a beautiful new place. They offered free wireless internet connection and in no time I downloaded the pictures from the camera onto my computer and uploaded them to the ftp site for Mary Jo to use to make the new ad. I did all that in less time than it would have taken me to drive back to Hendersonville. The extra time gave me the chance to meet with a few more clients than I had been able to the last 4 Thursdays, so that was cool.

At the library, I saw Kris & Kim Newman's mom. We went to school with them at Penrose. She said Kim lived in Hendersonville and Kris in Charlotte. Both had gotten a late start on having children so their children are much younger than mine and Angie's. I think she said they were like 3 and 5. I also saw Nancy - Becky's cousin. She has three sons and they were each born in the same years as my three kids. Matthew, her oldest, is attending Blue Ridge, same as Amanda. She said she thought Beth was, too.

I called Lynelle today and she had some wonderful news. A guy she has been seeing for a couple of months, Brian, gave her a ring last night and ask her to marry him! Isn't that great! She sounds like she is really in love. I am glad to hear her so happy.

Back to the office where the early deadlines for Labor Day continue to keep me off balance. I keep missing them. They seem to be a lot more backed up than I remember the early deadlines for July 4 and Memorial Day being. Maybe I just have more accounts that it is affecting than I did then. I don't know but I am really tired of feeling so behind this week.

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